Chillum Pipe- What is it, its types and how to use it?

Recently, Chillums have become really popular, however they have existed and have been in use for thousands of years. Since they have become popular just recently, you may have heard a lot about them.

What is a Chillum?

A Chillum is basically pipe which is conical and has an end to end channel. Mostly, they are made with glass but are available in other materials too. The most prominent thing about the Chillum pipe is that they do not have a carb hole. The aim of the carb hole is to maintain or regulate the airflow of the mouthpiece. However, some chillums might have it.

Before going into further detail about the Chillum, let’s just briefly have a look at its history.

History of Chillum

In India, Hindu monks and holy men have been known to use Chillum. Even before the time when tobacco was introduced in India, monks have been using Chillums which means that they have been in use for thousands of years. Throughout Eastern Europe and some parts of Asia, these glass pipes have been related with spirituality and meditation since they were used by monks. At this time, they were not really known or popular in the western world.

In the 20th Century, Chillum pipes became popular in the western world too and a few years back, they have been commonly used and collected as well. Avid chillum collectors have been collecting all kinds of unique chillums.

Why did Chillums become popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of Chillums is their strong and direct rips. These rips are potent as compared to any others. They also became popular because they are portable and handy, you can easily use them.

Material of Chillums

Chillums are constructed with different materials; they are made with glass usually. The ones with wood are becoming common too but there are some which are made with clay. The clay chillums have a higher cooling potential which is why they are highly appreciated by many. You can even find very unique versions of Chillums, like the ones made with stone or with stainless steel.

Types of Chillums

When the chillums started gaining popularity, their styles, designs and even construction went through an evolution, various different materials were used to manufacture them. But currently, traditional materials such as glass and wood are the most popular. The major types of Chillums are as follow:


The one-hitter chillums are also known as the tasting designs because the name suggests, they are designed only for one hit. Due to this, they are smaller in size as compared to the typical chillums. They are designed to only fit a small amount of product which has the ability to only give taste to the smoker. This type of chillums is mostly made of glass and wood. The ones that are made with glass have a smoother taste as compared to the wood ones. The wood ones may also have the flavor of the wood that they are made with. Picking out between wood and glass is completely a personal choice.

Dug out pipe

This is basically designed for the smokers who don’t prefer keeping herb and the one-hitter separately. The dug-out pipe is a one-hitter which is enclosed in a small box, the small box has enough space to keep the product. It looks somewhat like a lighter. The rectangular box that encloses the one-hitter has two compartments, one of the courses is for the one-hitter and the other one is for the herb. It is a great option for people who are always on the go, they just need the herb inside of this dug out pipe and they are all set.

The Monkey pipe

The monkey pipe is derived from the dug-out pipe, it is also known as the “fisherman’s friend”. In 1990’s a style of chillum was invented and its brand name was the monkey pipe. Its appearance is just like a pocket knife so people who are not really aware of the chillums may not even recognize it to be a pipe. This size is perfect for keeping in your pocket.

Glass pipe

The glass pipe is one of the most liked type of a chillum pipe because it provides a smoother taste, however, people who are not really into a smooth taste and prefer more of a traditional flavor can definitely opt for Chillums that are made with wood or any other material.


As we talked earlier that the Chillums are now available in all sorts of exotic shapes and sizes. You will surely be able to get the wooden or glass ones from anywhere you like, but if you are someone who likes to collect chillums to add to your collection then you surely have to check out the ones that are produced by the HAZY head shop. You will actually be surprised after looking at the super cool designs.

Galacticat Pipe


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This is a super cute yet modern version of a Chillum, it is made with glass and molded into a cat. No one will even guess that it’s a chillum at the first site. Take it out in front of a couple friends and they will definitely be wowed by this amazing piece. Since it is made with glass, you will surely get a smoother taste. It even comes with discreet packaging so you will have your cat shaped Chillum safely.

Owl Mushroom Chillum


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This is the second Chillum that you can get your hands on through the HAZY head shop. All the art enthusiast will totally be stunned by the detail and expert craftsmanship. If you like seeing heads turn then you should definitely give this chillum a try. It is made with high quality borosilicate glass so it will last you for quite a while and will be a tremendous addition to your collection. Your fellow collectors will be shocked by this addition of yours.

Fred the Frog Chillum


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The astonishing color scheme, tremendous molding of glass, great focus on the detail are some of the key components of this jaw dropping chillum pipe. If you are someone who is very picky when it comes to uniqueness then this chillum will be a great option for you. another cool thing that this chillum has that it comes with a ring so that this chillum is able to stand between the rips without losing any product. Since it is also made with glass, you will surely have a smooth smoke.

Baguette Pipe


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The fourth one that you can get from the HAZY head shop is this Baguette shaped pipe, it is also made with borosilicate glass which is durable. People will definitely not able to guess that it is a smoking pipe when looking at it.


How to use a chillum?

Using a chillum is pretty simple which is why, a lot of people prefer them. All you need to do is spread tobacco on a tray and then pick the chillum, press its end to the tobacco and with the help your finger, make sure that the tobacco is stuck. Now you are ready to put the mouthpiece in your mouth and then light the other end of the chillum. Since chillums are small, you may not be able to get many hits from them. However, inhale slowly so that you are not sucking in ash. For multiple hits, you will have to refill the chillum.


Wood Chillums Vs Glass Chillums

Woods chillums are not as long lasting as the high-quality glass chillums. There are some glass chillums which are not high quality, they are made with cheap glass which is why they may not last long enough. However, the chillums manufactured with the “borosilicate” glass are the strongest and the most durable. Sometimes, the manufacturers may not clearly state borosilicate but they may mention “lab quality” or “scientific” glass, both of them also mean that the borosilicate glass is used. So now, if you compare wood chillums with high quality or borosilicate glass chillums then the glass ones will last for a longer period of time.


How to choose wood Chillums?

If you are someone who wants to enjoy the traditional flavor of the wood chillum then they can certainly opt for wood chillums. The trick is, the harder the wood, the longer life it has or the more durable it is. So, make sure that you get a wood chillum that is hard. 


Coming back to the popularity of the glass chillums, in the modern times people are opting for glass chillums in comparison to other kinds of chillums. This is mainly because they are manufactured in all sorts of amazing shapes, they are easier to carry and convenient to use. The most appreciated thing about glass chillums is that they have a smoother taste as compared to the chillums made with other kinds of materials.