Dry Pipes vs Water pipes

There are two major kinds of pipes, the dry pipes which are tubes made with glass, they may or may not have a bowl at one end, and they may or may not have a carburetor. On the other hand, we have water pipes or water bongs which utilize water for the filtration of the smoke and also to get a smoother smoking experience. The choice between the both is totally a personal preference; some people opt for dry pipes while others like to go for water pipes. However, there are pros and cons of both, it doesn’t really mean that one is better than the other, but what is suitable for one individual’s need may not be suitable for the other. The aim of this article is to display a comparison between the both so you can pick the one that is most suitable for you.

Let’s first look at water pipes.

Water pipes:

Water pipes are water bongs or bubblers which have a chamber or a tubular structure that needs to be filled with water. A bowl is attached to it in which the herbs are packed and then smoked. The smoke is filtered through the water and it provides an unmatched flavor.

Benefits of the water pipes:

1. Cooler smoke

The water pipes allow you to have a cooler smoke as compared to the dry pipes, since the smoke is filtered through the water it becomes cool. Some people even add ice to the water pipe to have an even more enhanced cooling effect. The cool smoke lessens the harshness that you may feel in your throat due to the smoke that comes out of the dry pipes. You also get to have a smoother taste and the best thing about the cool smoke is that it allows you to feel the smoking effects quicker.

2. Filtration

Smoking through a water pipe gives you an opportunity to hit filtered smoke, the water present in the water pipe not only adds a cooling effect but it also acts as a filter. Some of the bongs even come with percolator which further enhances the effectiveness of the filtration system. The best part of the filtration is that all the toxins are filtered out and it prevents you from inhaling it.

3. Modification and variety

Water pipes have gone through many modifications. They are available in so many different shapes and sizes. The different types of water pipes include bubblers, table top pipes, monster size bongs and so many others. This gives you an opportunity to get the one that is most suitable for you.


Downsides of water pipes:

1. Difficulty in cleaning

The water pipes require regular cleaning, you have to make sure that you completely clean all the components of the water pipes otherwise, it will mess with the filtration. You cannot use a dirty bong for a long period as it will be very unhealthy. Since a water pipe has so many different parts including the chamber, the bowl, the percolator and even the down stem, the cleaning of the water bong can become very difficult. If you are someone who can not put time in cleaning the water bong then you should certainly not opt for it.

2. Not suitable for travelling

Water pipes usually require a flat surface on which they can be placed, if you are someone who travels a lot then a water bong is not practically fit for you as there is a huge chance of you spilling the dirty water. Also, if no handled with care, you may even end up breaking different parts of the glass pipe.


Now coming to the dry pipes, their benefits and drawbacks.


Dry pipes:


As the name suggests, dry pipes do not need water for their working. Dry pipes are made with different materials such as glass, wood or even clay. One end of the dry pipe may or may not consist of a bowl and the other end is used for inhaling the lit-up herbs.  Dry pipes sometimes also have carburetors which make sure that the smoke remains fresh.


Benefits of dry pipes:

1. Simple design

Dry pipes are very simple to use, a lot of the people get intimidated because of the large and complicated pieces of water bongs while the dry pipes are so much simpler and some people also believe that they are able to preserve the original flavor of the herbs. The glass pipes have also been known to give a raw yet smooth flavor. All the people who opt for simplicity instead of complex smoking methods should definitely try the dry pipes.

2. Portable

Dry pipes also come in all shapes and sizes but most of them are very portable. You can simply carry them without having to worry delicate pieces. If you are someone who are always on the go then dry pipes are a perfect choice for you as you can easily carry them in your bag, in your pocket or even in your car dashboard. Since they are small and compact, they don’t occupy a lot of space and you won’t have to worry about dirty water spilling all over the place. Since the dry pipes don’t have attachments or fragile pieces, you won’t have to worry about losing them or breaking them. All you need is your dry pipe, the herbs, your lighter and you are all set to go.

3. Affordable prices

In terms of price, the dry pipes are quite affordable and easy to get as compared to the water pipes or water bongs. Water bongs can be more on the expensive side. The dry pipes are available in stunning shapes, you will see beautiful work of art and extreme effort in the details. It is true that the more intricate the pipe is whether it is a water pipe or a glass pipe, it will be expensive. But, when it comes to dry pipes, you will be able to find some of the very unique and stunning pieces in a price lesser than that of the water pipe.

Another benefit that you get from dry pipes is that they have smaller bowls which means that they accommodate less herbs as compared to the water bongs, this way you consume less herbs and less frequently so you save money.


Downsides of dry pipes:

1. Simplicity

As we discussed earlier that the benefit of the dry pipes is that they are simple, on the other hand you can say that the simplicity of the dry pipes is a drawback. The biggest issue that the people might have with the dry pipes is that the smoke is unfiltered and you get ash in your mouth which is obviously not a good feeling. Also, you cannot make any modifications to the dry pipe because you cannot add attachments to it.

2. Harsh smoke

As we discussed earlier that the filtration of the smoke through the water pipes prevents the smoke to become harsh but when it comes to the dry pipes, the smoke is harsh and it causes a burning sensation on the throat when you are smoking through a dry pipe.


Now coming back to the actual question that whether water pipes are better or the dry pipes are better, as we mentioned earlier that it is completely a personal choice. Some people may prefer the water pipes or water bongs for their benefits and some people may prefer dry pipes. Some people can have both, because both of them have their own pros and cons. People who are fond of the filtered smoke flavor will definitely opt for the water pipes while those who are looking for portability then they opt for the dry pipes.


If you are someone who likes to collect pipes then you can have both and you can experiment with both. A water bong allows you to have various modifications and you can enjoy the smoke the way you like it, the dry pipes are also available in different types, there are one-hitters, sherlock pipes and so many others. So, depending upon your need, you can use whichever one is handy and easy to use. If you are on the go, then a water pipe is not suitable, you can easily travel with a dry pipe so make sure that you carry that. However, when you are at home chilling with your friends, you can definitely opt for the water bong, you can even share it with your friends, you will have a smooth and flat surface to place it on and you will also be able to clean it later when you are at home. Using a water pipe at home is more convenient because you can get access to everything that you need easily. Also, you can clean it with ease too without worrying about the complication.


Whether you pick out dry pipes, or water pipes or both, you will have a good experience. Try out both to see which one you prefer.


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