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Have you ever been to a local head shop and amongst all their plain overpriced glass sit a few glass bongs or rigs that actually stand out as something creative, something that you would be proud to show off? Being fans of art ourselves, this always stood out to us. What if instead of wasting time and gas visiting different head shops to find a creative piece that you can call your own, you could instead go to one store that only featured the most unique of smoking accessories all in one place. That place is HAZY Online Headshop, offering truly standout smoking accessories online with international shipping so anyone can get their desired design of glass regardless of location.

 First time buying smoking accessories online?

 If you have never bought your smoking accessories from an online headshop before you may have some questions. The following is a list of the most common questions we have received.

  Q : How do you offer these smoking accessories at a better price than other sites?

A: By minimizing storefront and putting capital towards a scope of specific upscale products instead of cheap pipes we are able to buy and sell at a less expensive rate. These savings are passed onto you.

 Q: Do you offer discreet shipping?

A: We only ship in discreet plain packaging. 

 Q: What if my item breaks during shipping?

A: All packages are insured and you will be given the option of a refund or replacement.

 Q: How much is Shipping?

A: Shipping is FREE inside the continental U.S - All other areas are calculated in checkout.

 Q: What if the product I want is out of stock?

A: If the product that you would like is out of stock, click the out of stock graphic and enter your email when prompted to ensure that you are notified as soon an item is back in stock.

 With multiple categories to choose from, look at the list below and you’re sure to find the unique smoking accessory to add to your collection.

 Unique Bongs

 Bongs are more than just a smoking accessory; they are a visual representation of the culture as a whole. Often displayed as being clear with the stereotypical beaker bottom. Don’t confine yourself to the stereotype of the past and instead get a bong with a theme that matches your lifestyle, one that you would properly display for guests instead of hiding it away in a drawer or closet.

 Regardless of your desired bong look HAZY Online Head Shop has you covered.

 If you’re into a tropical vibe then check out our tropical collection featuring island-themed bongs and other tropical flairs in 14mm and 18mm sizes.Avocado obsession? The avocado pipe collection is for you. Choose from a top to bottom Avacado themed smoking rig/bong or add an avocado bowl to your existing bong available in both 14mm and 18 mm bowls.


 You don’t have a bong without a bowl attachment. This is the smoking accessory that holds your material that you'll be the lighting. Often times a colorless, lifeless attachment we take things a bit further and ensure at HAZY Online Head Shop to only carry We have bowls available in 14mm and 18mm sizes to ensure they fit any bong in your collection. Bowls are a great way to add some flavor to your basic bong or a way to put the finishing touches on your HAZY Online Head Shop themed bong. No matter what design themed smoking bowl you’re looking for we have the bowl for you.

 Have a sweet tooth? Add the 14mm donut bowl to your collection of smoking accessories.Spoon Pipes

 Want a creative pipe that you can take on the go? A creative spoon pipe from HAZY Online Head Shop is the perfect glass piece for a smoker on the move. Kick your old multi-colored spoon pipe to the curb and pick up a glass spoon pipe that stands out in your next smoke circle.

 Chillums/ One Hitters

 Need a more discreet smoking accessory for when you’re on the go? A creative chillum from HAZY Online Head Shop is small enough to fit in your pocket for a quick puff when you’re on the move.


 Do you prefer to smoke concentrates? Do you appreciate original smoking accessories? Then you’re sure to appreciate the multitude of unique smoking rigs on HAZY Online Head Shop. For the same price that you could get a clear glassed run of the mill branded rig, you could be smoking out of something that is truly one of a kind instead of one of a million.

Of all the different categories of smoking accessories, none pack as many creative pieces of art as the smoking rig category. No matter what kind of style matches your personality best your sure to find a collection in the smoking rig category that’s your style.


 You’ll, of course, need a dabber with that rig. Using a plain jane metal dabber shipped over from China with such a beautiful smoking accessory as seen above wouldn’t be right. Match your dabber to your rig or mix it up and cross pieces from different collections. Below is just a fraction of the different dabber designs that we have in stock.

 Honey Straw

The honey straw is a commonly misunderstood and underappreciated smoking accessory. Similar to a rig it is meant to be used with concentrates but is far more portable. The main function of a honey straw is to pull or drag it over concentrates to be inhaled. If you haven’t tried a honey straw yet stop waiting and pick up one of our creative honey straws with your next order.

 We have something for you

This article featured only a fraction of the different collections and products that we have to offer. If you want to see more click the link below. We look forward to providing you with a premium product and outstanding service.