What is a head shop and why is it called a head shop?

      What is a head shop?

A head shop is an outlet where  people can go and buy equipment that is used for the consumption of tobacco and other herbs. They are also known for selling things such as music, magazines and even clothes. in the current times, you may not see a lot of clothes or other things at the head shop but you will only see the equipment that is needed for smoking. That is understood by most people but the name is still quite confusing right? People wonder that why would a shop be named as a “head shop”? Any person who is interested in buying equipment to smoke tobacco or cannabis will go to a head shop. 

History of the head shop

Well, if we go back into history, the trend of headshops started back in the 1960s. It is also said by many that Jefferson Airplane classic, “white rabbit” has specific lyrics which are the main reason for coming up with a name head shop. The lyrics are “feed the head”, some believed that these lyrics lead to the name head shop while others believed that this name came after “potheads”, some associate it to the hippie culture. In the 1960s, the hippie culture was very popular and it is believed that this name seems confusing and weird in the current times but in the 1960s, it really made sense. Due to the peak of the hippie culture, head shops became more and more common in the late 60s. Later on, the business kept flourishing, the equipment also evolved. New and better designs along with better construction and manufacturing were introduced which even lead to the creation of exotic shapes and sizes. In the glass equipment, you will see expert craftsmanship and intricate detailing. It must take a lot of time and effort to put such exotic and unique pieces on the table. 

Difference between a head shop and a smoke shop 

Head shops only sell smoking equipment, you cannot buy herbs or tobacco at a head shop. So, make sure that you are not asking for any kind of herbs while you are shopping for equipment for smoking. Since a head shop also sells products relating to tobacco so there is confusion or a misunderstanding among people.

A lot of people are confused between a smoke shop and a head shop. Are they the same? people believe that they both are the same but they really not the same. There is a huge difference between the two, the smoke shops are selling cigars and cigarettes while the headshops are only selling the equipment that is needed to smoke tobacco or cannabis. A smoke shop is confined only to tobacco products. So basically, a smoke shop is selling tobacco and the head shop is only selling the equipment.

Are head shops legal?

Head shops are legal because they are selling equipment that is needed for the consumption of herbs or tobacco and not the actual herbs. In the earlier times, there were only a few states according to which cannabis was legal and they had head shops, in places where cannabis was illegal, the head shops sold equipment used only for the consumption of tobacco. Places with a higher number of legal requirements didn’t have a lot of head shops.


Local head shop Vs Online head shop 

You may have a local head shop that people may go and buy the equipment that they need for smoking. There may be more than one local head shop in some areas. However, if you compare your local head shops to the online head shops then the online head shops are far better than the local ones. This is because they have a greater variety of products and easier access as compared to the local head shop. 

If you have a passion of collecting products that are available at head shops such as chillums, glass pipes, water pipes or other products, then you should definitely check out online head shops such as the HAZY head shop. This is because online head shops have a huge variety of unique products that you may not have seen before. Some people think that chillums are only made with wood and that is because only wood chillums are available at their local head shop. Since they have not explored the online head shops, they don’t know what kind of products they are missing out on. 

Many deals and discounts are offered by online headshops which the people can easily get. If we talk about the prices then there is a huge difference between the prices of a local head shop and an online head shop. The local head shops are more expensive and they also have limited variety. 

People who are fond of exotic products can also get their dream products online, rarely at a local head shop. Most of the exotic pieces are available online, if an outsider may see them without knowing that they are used for smoking, he may not even guess. 

Head shops have all kinds of different products, they even differ in qualities and prices. So, before you make your purchase, make sure that you have researched enough to get your hands on the right product. If you don’t have enough knowledge then feel free to ask the staff that is available to help you out, if you are buying online then make sure to read the information clearly. This way, you will get your hands on the products that are high quality and durable. You will not end up with low-quality products. Specially check the material that is used for the construction and manufacturing of the products. If the material is high quality then the products will also be durable.